VCCA Tech Advisor

VCCA Technical Advisor
Tools 1937 through 1966
#83 - Dave

As technical advisor #83 for the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA), I am responsible for dealing with all of the information related to the tools which came with the new Chevrolets from 1937 through 1966. Each Chevrolet had as standard equipment a tool kit with each new car purchased up until 1948. Then in 1949, the tool kit was offered as an accessory until 1966. My goal is to include exact scale drawings of all of the various tools that were included in the tool kits on this web site.  If you need a specific question answered, feel free to email me. Priority will be given to fellow VCCA members for answering emails.

I will also be loading bumper jacks onto this site in the near future.